Welcom to Brandon’s Rocket City Restaurant Review!  I am Brandon Taylor thanks for checking us out!  I do restaurant reviews of Huntsville restaurants (thus the name).

A buddy of mine wanted to join in on a restaurant review and since I am always down for lunch I said “Sure!”  So he picked the place and we went to Ted’s Bar-B-Q in Madison, AL.  You can check out our review above, but suffice it to say we had a great time.

Ted’s is in three locations Five Points, Highway 72 near Phil Sandoval’s, and this one in Madison on highway 20. This location used to be a different barbecue spot  (the name escapes me) but was changed over to Ted’s in the recent past.  This location is convenient to Madison, the area around the airport, and I-565 traffic the other locations are significantly smaller and do not have much space to eat-in so the experience is a bit different.

This is a counter service fast casual type restaurant, so we walked up and examined the menu.  The menu is pretty typical for a barbecue place, they had pork, chicken, turkey, ribs, wings, and sausage, in various portions, with a variety of sides and ways they serve them.  You can get a plate, potato, sandwich, salad, and Brunswick Stew.  They did have Tamales which is different and I will probably check those out some time.  They also have a special as Wednesday is Brisket Day.  Neither of us could pass up on the brisket sandwich with banana pudding, so we indulged ourselves.  For barbecue I do not really want to be surprised or wowed with creativity it is all about executing something I know in my book, so the real test is not in what options they offer, but what those options taste like.  So this menu nailed that.

There was ample seating in the restaurant and like most barbecue places the meat is prepared hours ahead of time so the food was out very promptly. There is no other way to say it meat was delicious. The smoke flavor was well executed, the meat was tender, moist, and flavorful. I could not make up a complaint about it. The banana pudding was exactly what I wanted as well. It was sweet and creamy and had a good texture from the vanilla wafers and the chunks of banana were great. My only complaint was about the sauces which left a little bit to be desired as the spicy was a little too tame, the sweet a little too sweet, and as a person that is not a fan of white sauce it was fine, but did not turn me into a fan.  Even this feels like a stretch and like I am really just looking for something to complain about.

As far as service goes there was not much to it.  It was counter service with fountain drinks and they brought our the food to the table. They kept the dining room clean and were courteous so no complaints.

The atmosphere was pretty typical for barbecue as well with some TVs and ample seating.  It was pretty busy as it was lunch time, but it did not feel it as there is plenty of space. They also have some different rooms and outdoor seating which divides the crowd up and keeps it more intimate feeling which was nice.

It was less than $10 each for the sandwich and drinks so all in all this is a solid value for a great meal.

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