Downtown Huntsville Area

The core neighborhoods of Huntsville

The neighborhoods in and around downtown have a lot to offer. They offer excellent access to the hospitals as well as for commuter to Research Park and the Arsenal.  They also are very convenient for all of the work and play options in our transforming downtown. The schools rate as among the best in the city and there are housing options that span from historical 19th century mansions, to small shotgun houses built in the early 20th century to brand-new state of the art custom homes and everything in between.

10 Things to do in Downtown Huntsville

Experience all that Huntsville has to offer

Downtown Huntsville has transformed in the past decade.  There has been millions of dollars spent on public and private development to define the downtown and give it character.  This investment is paying off as the area has become a great place to find things to do and enjoy.

  1. Grab a cold one at Green Bus Brewing
  2. Shop at U.G. White
  3. Stroll the Park
  4. Catch a Havoc game at the VBCC
  5. Go to Green Street Farmer’s Market
  6. Watch a local theater production at the playhouse
  7. Play some games at the arcade place
  8. Gelato at Sam and Greg’s
  9. Feed the ducks at Big Spring Park
  10. Catch a band playing at…..

Convenient to Huntsville Living

Live close to everything

The area surrounding downtown has exellent access to all of the employment centers. including downtonw, Huntsville Hospital, Redstone Arsenal, and Cummings Research Park.  it also has